Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lake Alvin sunrise

I'd never heard of Lake Alvin until a few weeks ago, but the small little gem is a great spot for photography. Just south of Sioux Falls and east of Harrisburg, this part of the South Dakota State Park system offers fishing, swimming and no-wake boating.

This morning's chilly sunrise illuminated an early-autumn fog drifting across the water.

Tiny purple flowers dotted the sides of a hiking path on the southeast corner of the lake. Although no sunlight was reaching into the shaded areas where the flowers were blooming, I created some of my own with what my shooting partner Scott Howard called "flashrise." I placed an orange gel filter over my flash, and positioned it off to the side of the flower to approximate sunlight and highlight the miniature drops of dew on the petals.

The easiest directions I can give to Lake Alvin are to take the Harrisburg exit from Interstate 29 and head east about 9.5 miles through town to reach the intersection with 480th Street. Turn north and the lake will be on the left almost immediately. GPS coordinates are N43°26'20.41" W96°36'40.24".

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