Wednesday, January 11, 2012

See the view from the top of Mount Rushmore

Ever wish you could visit the top of the heads on Mount Rushmore? I've been lucky enough to be there a few times, but post-9/11 restrictions have made it much less likely for any of us to get there. However, thanks to technology, we can now all see the view that the presidents see.

A new website shows the results of laser scanning on the monument, 3-D models, etc. Much of this intensive study of the granite carvings will be used by the National Park Service to monitor cracks and shifts in the rock, etc.

For me the best part of the project is several 360-degree rotatable tours of the top of the mountain and the Hall of Records. Follow this link and click on "Virtual Tour" near the bottom of the page. As you click on views of the mountain, look for green arrows within each image that will lead you to more views.

Mount Rushmore 3-D laser scanned

I've now finally been able to stand under Teddy Roosevelt's chin, even if it's only "virtual." Here's one of my shots from the top of his head.

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