Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Variations on a frosty theme

I doubt there were too many people in Pierre last night that were as disappointed as I was when the large snowflakes falling at 5 pm dwindled away before they amounted to much. I was hoping to get some pretty winter pictures just as twilight fell and streetlights came on.

Instead I found wet, dripping tree branches everywhere. So I did the best I could in capturing something. This isn't exactly the beautiful shot I was looking for, but it's interesting to see wet pine needles with the South Dakota capitol building in the background.

As temperatures dropped overnight I was hoping for a frosty morning. There was frost, but not as thick as some days. I found a version of the previous night's drops frozen to a branch near the railroad bridge over the Missouri River between Pierre and Fort Pierre.

The railroad bridge tends to be one of those iconic items like the capitol that draws photographers in the area. Instead of concentrating on the bridge itself I used it as a backdrop for the frost, much like I used the capitol for the water drops.

So even though the weather conditions didn't fully cooperate with my vision, Mother Nature did provide something to shoot. I'm still hoping for more fog and frost this week.

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