Monday, April 2, 2012

Kadoka's tourism heritage

It's no secret that I'm a fan of nostalgic roadside attractions. At times I like to find places and towns that held a greater draw to the traveler than they do now.

The town of Kadoka in western South Dakota is known as the "Gateway to the Badlands." Why is much more evident when you leave Interstate 90 at Exit 152 and travel west into town on what obviously was the main thoroughfare to Badlands National Park and the distant Black Hills at one point. Beginning with the Petrified Gardens attraction and continuing past the Ponderosa and Wagon Wheel Motels, you'll see the remnants of a much livelier tourism industry in the little town.

Several have closed, but other businesses are still open and ready to give the weary traveler a much needed break. They are also fun for photographers to capture fading glory.

The chunks of petrified wood, rose quartz and other antiquities lying around the yard at Badlands Petrified Gardens harken back to much less-sophisticated attractions than today's museums and interactive exhibits.

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Laura said...

It pleases me that the attraction is both amazing AND spectacular.