Thursday, May 17, 2012

Route 66 here we come

Okay, I admit it. Before I'm through you'll probably be sick of Route 66 references.

I've been planning a nostalgic road trip and it's coming up soon. My PT Cruiser will be hitting the two-lanes for a stretch of historic Route 66 through Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. That means I'll be photographing plenty of kitschy roadside attractions, neon signs and motels past their prime.

As I've researched the "Mother Road" I've also discovered that though it may be the most famous vacation destination for that type of attraction, South Dakota stacks up against it pretty well. In a future post I'll point out the similarities in a Route 66 road trip and one from east to west across South Dakota.

I've also discovered a very "Route 66-ish" collection of vintage signs and artifacts right here in Pierre. The garage where Forell Limousine and Bus services their vehicles is covered in nostalgia and continues to grow each time I pass by. The garage is at the corner of East Dakota Street and South Taylor Avenue near the grain elevator.

To practice up a little for my trip, I shot some of the Forell display and had some fun in Photoshop playing with various effects.

As I said, you can expect more of this nostalgic stuff in the next month or so.

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