Monday, June 25, 2012

Ghost town "photo-opping" in East River

True ghost towns or those with just a handful of residents are not as plentiful in "East River" South Dakota as they are in the western half of the state. I'm sure that the value of land for agricultural use is the main culprit. When a town is abandoned the buildings are torn down or burned and the land is turned over to growing crops.

However, with a little looking, East River ghost towns are available for the exploring photographer. My co-worker and frequent traveling partner Scott Howard has coined the term "photo-opping" for driving the backroads looking for good photos to take. Last week we "photo-opped" to the ghost towns of Crandall and Lily.

Crandall is northwest of the larger town of Clark at the corner of Clark, Day and Spink counties. It is identified on the official South Dakota highway map, despite having only a few buildings. Several homes are still occupied here, but other buildings are limited to the remains of the grain elevator and an old service station.

Straight north of Clark and just west of Highway 25 in Day County is the tiny town of Lily. There are several photogenic buildings here, but this gas station caught my eye.

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