Friday, August 10, 2012

New camera club inaugural meeting is Aug. 16

The new central South Dakota Camera Club will hold its inaugural/organizational/exploratory meeting on Thursday, August 16 at 7 pm at the South Dakota Housing Development Authority building, 3060 E. Elizabeth Street in Pierre.

Organizer Larry Beck has listed this tentative agenda:

1. Introductions (Your name will suffice. Optionally, you can provide 3 forms of photo ID, all your passwords and your ATM pin number)
2. two short programs: One for beginners and one for more experienced types (show offs)
3. Andministrivia: Who will run the thing, who can get programs together, who can set up contests, who brings the donuts.
4. Show and tell for anyone who wants to bring their work so the rest of us can get jealous and thump you in the parking lot later.
5. Adjourn
As you can tell, it should be a fun group.

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Drew Watts said...

Great to know about this camera club meeting. Wish could be a part of it. Last week attended an inaugural meeting at one of best meeting space San Francisco. Best arrangements were done and great agendas were discussed. Had a great time there.