Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Little Village Farm has lots to offer

Thanks to friends Thea Ryan and Nancy Tesdall I recently found another off-the-beaten-path attraction that is tons of fun for photographers - Little Village Farm near Trent, South Dakota.

A group of barns and sheds that are captivating in themselves reveal an unbelievable collection of antiques and farm caps. To find Little Village Farm, take Exit 104 off Interstate 29 about 25 miles north of Sioux Falls. Head east for three miles and you can't miss the red barns and numerous windmills.

Jim and Joan Lacey open the "museum" if you can catch them there or by making an appointment at 605-428-5979. A personal tour from Jim with great historical stories and explanations of unique items is quite a treat.

For those fond of shooting High Dynamic Range photos, this place is tailor-made for you. Interesting shapes, loads of textures and fun colors make great images. Bring a tripod and expect to explore many different angles!

The barn above and the one below are separate buildings, but both feature thousands of caps hanging from their ceilings and yes those are full size windmills inside the barn below.


Jodene Shaw said...

It's great to see your photos of this place, Chad, and always good to know of another interesting place to visit in SD!

Chad Coppess said...

Thanks Jodi, I always hope that other photographers find these posts useful and are able to make great images of the places themselves.