Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Second Camera Club Roundup coming to Mitchell

Thanks to a suggestion and hard work by Betsy Petersen of the Mitchell Camera Club a second South Dakota Camera Club Roundup is underway. Plans are still being made, but you can expect a fun day of shooting around the Mitchell area on Saturday, April 13.

All photographers are welcome, especially members or those thinking about joining any of South Dakota's photography clubs. (See the links in the right side column of this blog to find a club near you.)

At this point we don't know all of the suggested shooting locations, but I think you can expect some fun HDR subject matter and possibly night photography.

If you are interested in concert photography we have a special treat. 1980s arena rock tribute band "Hairball" will be playing at the World's Only Corn Palace that night. South Dakota Camera Club Roundup participants will be able to get half-price tickets for the show and full camera access. That's $10 and the freedom to shoot all you want of one of the most visual bands you will ever see!

For an idea of what you will see at a "Hairball" concert, click here. Thanks very much to Corn Palace Director Mark Schilling and Happy, Rockstar Bob and Freaky from "Hairball" for setting us up with this unique opportunity!

More details on the rest of the day, including possible further discount deals coming soon!

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