Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fun opportunities and workshops

There are some fun opportunities to share and learn photography coming up for South Dakota photographers.

If you've been to Main Street Square in downtown Rapid City you know it has become a great place for a variety of activities. This summer sculptor Masayuki Nagase will be adding to the visual interest by sculpting the pillars there into works of art featuring local natural landscape. He wants to know more about the community's perceptions of our environment - landscapes, wildlife, flowers, etc. You can upload your thoughts and photos at The Sculpture Project: Passage of Wind and Water.

Nikon's Mentor Series is offering a workshop in the Black Hills with pro teachers Dave Black and David Tejada in June. Participants will shoot in Custer State Park, at the Wild Horse Sanctuary, High Country Guest Ranch and Mount Rushmore. For more information check out Nikon Mentor Series.

Outdoor Photo Workshops always has an impressive lineup of workshops around the world and especially in South Dakota. New this summer is the "Best of the Black Hills" workshop with instructors Les Voorhis and Rick Sammon on May 30-June 2. Included will be waterfalls in Spearfish Canyon and several cowboy shoots at ranches in the Northern Black Hills.

During June and July, Outdoor Photo Workshops pro Dick Kettlewell will accompany you on the western South Dakota grasslands to photograph Pronghorn Antelope fawns. This is a one-on-one opportunity with Dick, who knows these animals as well as any photographer out there. To reserve your spot in a blind with him, check out the OPW website.

Of course, there is also the annual autumn Black Hills Photo Shootout on Sept. 27-29. Full details will be coming soon. Keep an eye on The Photo Shootout website for those.

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