Friday, April 26, 2013

Thank you loyal readers and welcome newcomers!

Thanks very much to the longtime readers of I appreciate each and every one of you. Also, welcome to those of you who have just found us!

I am always hoping that what I post is useful and helpful to the rest of you photographers traveling South Dakota. That was the original purpose of this blog and showing off my own photos is secondary.

If you haven't discovered them yet, there are a couple things that will help you navigate through the information here -

- That little white rectangle box in the top right corner that says "Topics list" is a drop-down menu for all the posts in the past about specific things. For instance if you are looking for tips on Mount Rushmore, you'll find all of them there.

- The "Interactive Photo Locations Map" halfway down the right column will help you find spots on a Google Map along with sample photos and descriptions.

Do not be afraid to ask for location or other assistance if I haven't already covered it here. I will do my best to help with whatever I can. Also feel free to suggest posts here. I can't promise I will get to everything, but I love to know what people want to see.

I really do enjoy helping fellow photographers, so I am here for you!

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Unknown said...

Thank you, Chad! You do an amazing job of sharing info and stories...and lots of inspiration as well.