Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nominate your favorite HDR Highway

For a while now I've been thinking that there should be one or more designated "HDR Highway" routes in South Dakota that had great subject matter for those of us who love high-dynamic range photography of old buildings, rusty cars and such.

So I'm asking for suggestions. Nominate your favorite stretch of road where fellow photographers can practice creating those texture-filled nostalgic images.

Here are a few guidelines to follow:

- At least a 20-mile route.
- The route can be straight, a loop, a winding scenic byway, whatever.
- At least four places to shoot some photos along the route. (A barn, a farmyard, a junkyard, an abandoned vehicle, a cemetery, etc.)
- Let's not have to trespass to get the photos. Either identify a place to shoot from a public roadway or have the property accessible to the public.
- It doesn't have to be a highway. Gravel roads are just fine as long as you don't need a huge jacked-up 4x4 to get there.

If we get enough good suggestions there may be multiple Dakotagraph-designated routes.

Now keep in mind this isn't anything officially sanctioned by the Department of Transportation, so you won't be seeing "HDR Highway" signs popping up in the road ditches. However, I think this could be a fun way for all of us to share our favorite spots with other photographers.

If you come up with a really good route you may also be asked to write up a description and post some photos as a guest blogger here at Dakotagraph.

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