Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Some quick rodeo photography tips

We are hitting the height of rodeo season in South Dakota soon, so I thought I would throw out some quick tips I've learned over the years.

- Be ready when that cowboy or cowgirl nods their head for the chute to open.

- Timed events like roping and barrel racing quite often look great coming straight at you.

- Watch bucking horses and try to capture them at the height of their jump.

- Follow a run all the way through - cowboys may not like it, but photos of them falling off in a spectacular fashion make great shots.

- Backlit dust can make dramatic photos.

- Watch for details like belt buckles, saddles, ropes, etc.

Many of the rodeos scheduled for this year in South Dakota are listed at the website.


denverscave said...

Regarding last photo, #14 (Two ropers on horse back in dust, with sun in background).
Excellent eye for this.

Chad Coppess said...