Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spherical thinking

If you've never seen the round art of South Dakota artist Dick Termes, you should. His "Termespheres" are mind-blowing inside-out interpretations of six-point perspective painted on various-sized balls.
In his more realistic works you look up to see the ground and down to see the sky, but he doesn't stop there. Many of his spheres include geometric shapes that intertwine and lead into a space somewhere inside the ball. Then there are the ones painted on clear spheres.... It doesn't take long to realize this guy is a creative genius.
You will find Termespheres displayed around the state and the world, but the biggest concentration is at Termes' own Termesphere Gallery attached to his domed house outside of Spearfish.
Photographers who visit should ask about his "Total Photos," a photographic representation of the six-point perspective.
For more information see
I recently had the pleasure of photographing Dick in his gallery surrounded by spheres.

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