Thursday, August 29, 2013

National Fireworks Expo Grand Finale in Sioux Falls on Sept. 7

If you like shooting fireworks photos, this might be the big one for you! The National Fireworks Association is holding their annual expo in Sioux Falls and will have a grand finale pyrotechnic show on Saturday, Sept. 7.

Gates will open at 7 pm at the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds. Entry fee is $5 per vehicle or $2 per person on a bus.

Also on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday preceding the grand finale (Sept. 4-6) there will be product demonstrations each night, which will be free and open to the public.

Saturday night's big show will include a “How to put on a Safe Family Backyard Display” demonstration, as well as three consumer fireworks shows and a display firework show by Precocious Pyrotechnics.

Sounds like plenty to shoot if you want to practice your fireworks photography.


patty said...

As always, am enjoying your photos Chad!
We have a few days mid Sept where we could get away and wondered if you might have any photography suggestions for that time of year? Our first thoughts are always the Badlands, Custer and Spearfish Canyon. Anything else come to mind?Thanks a bunch!

Chad Coppess said...

Hi Patty, Thanks for stopping by. I'll just expand on your ideas. In Badlands - check out the Sage Creek Road to the west of the west loop entrance station. If you are going to find any fall colors it will be there and it's also the most likely place to see buffalo. While in Custer State Park, head south to Wind Cave National Park and take the gravel roads in the eastern half of the park. Keep an eye out for elk. Vanocker Canyon between Sturgis and Nemo has some spectacular fall colors if they are out by then. Hope that helps and have a great time!

patty said...

Hey Chad, thanks so much for your suggestions. Yes we always check out Sage Creek of our favorites. Thanks for the suggestions on Wind Cave and Vanocker Canyon. Those were two I wouldnt have thought of.. appreciate it! We've never gone any later than the middle of August so this will be different for us. Thanks again!!!