Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More Sturgis motorsports - sideways and smoky

Almost every month a bunch of western South Dakota and eastern Wyoming hot-rodders get together at the Thunderdome parking lot east of Sturgis to show off their drifting skills.

What's drifting? It's basically sliding your car sideways through a twisting course setup around barriers and poles in a large paved area. Check out the "Fast and the Furious" movies or search drifting on YouTube for an idea. The Sturgis drift events are organized by the good people at SD-Drift.net and I commend them for providing a place to do it that is not on city streets.

This stuff is a lot of fun to watch and shoot photos of. I attended last Sunday's "Driftstravaganza" and caught a bonus burnout contest for the wildest tire-smoking and shredding display possible.


Jeremiah said...

I love it Chad! Thanks for spending your Sunday with us!

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