Sunday, March 9, 2014

Searching out hidden treasures in the Missouri River

Pierre and Fort Pierre are separated by South Dakota's stretch of the Missouri River. Sitting in the middle of the river are a pair of islands that provide habitat for wildlife and recreation for humans - LaFramboise and Farm islands.

I spent a couple hours hiking on LaFramboise this morning in search of an old tractor that fellow photographer John Mitchell had informed me about. The sun was just rising over the river and hundreds of Canada geese as I started my quest.

The trails this time of year are a mix of snow, ice, water, mud and sand. You follow those who have gone before you, including deer, dogs, bicycles, humans and turkeys.

As I neared the spot of the former farming homestead and it's remaining relics I discovered John's helpful sign that I was close.

Who knows how many years the tractor, truck and plow have sat neglected in the woods on the east edge of the island.

Yes, that good-sized tree is growing up through the truck frame. Look closely and you can see the water line from the 2011 floods that covered most of the island and obviously completely submerged this relic.

A little farther downstream on the island are this windmill and equipment remnants.

Farm Island has even more crumbling ruins of early civilization on the islands. Check out some earlier photos here.

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