Sunday, April 27, 2014

Capa on the inside

Several members of the Central South Dakota Photography Club made a very early morning trip to the ghost town of Capa yesterday. We were not greeted by a sunrise of any sort, but did find some very interesting stuff to shoot.

I've covered Capa and how to find it in an earlier post at this link .

After talking with Capa's one resident and owner Phil, some of us ventured inside the former hotel and church buildings. What we found is a playground for macro, HDR and other styles of photography.


Unknown said...

Wow - fascinating. The ducky in the window...lunch pail...rusty vs. shiny bike. The only thing missing is...the ghosts. Did you feel their presence?

Chad Coppess said...

There might have been too many of us talking and making noise for the ghosts to make their presence known. We did give them plenty of opportunity. :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Gahhh... i can't edit my comment. Those are great pics Chad-- and yet another destination I have to add to my list.