Saturday, April 26, 2014

Top reasons every photographer should visit South Dakota

In the spirit of the "30 Photos Of South Dakota That Will Make You Want To Move There" blog post that popped on Facebook this week, I thought I would put together my Top Reasons Every Photographer Should Visit South Dakota.

Badlands National Park

Quartzite palisades in the east

Chalkstone bluffs in the south

Black Hills in the west

Prairie landscapes in between

The Missouri River down the middle

Laura Ingalls Wilder's childhood hometown of DeSmet

Amber waves of grain

Picturesque farms

Mystical historic sites like Bear Butte

Old West history at places like Fort Sisseton Historic State Park

More beautiful state parks like Sica Hollow...

...and the incredible Custer State Park

Some of America's best wildlife encounters

The Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup

Sunsets over the state capitol in Pierre

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally....

...which is as much a week long music festival as it is anything else

Classic roadside attractions

Rural roads


Native Americans


Ghost towns and rustic buildings

Distinct seasons that sometimes overlap

And of course, Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Bonus - Just in case you missed it in several of these photos, that big beautiful sky! All photos by Chad Coppess, South Dakota Department of Tourism.


Joshua Boldt said...

Where is that barn? The one in the picture with the haybale under Ghost Towns and Rustic Buildings?

Great list!

Chad Coppess said...

Hi Josh,

Check out this post to find the barn near Bear Butte.

Thanks for reading! Chad

DennyG said...

I think I'm finally going to get to South Dakota this year but I'm not sure I'll bother with a camera. It looks like all of the good pictures have already been taken:-) Gorgeous post.

Chad Coppess said...

That's a good one Denny! However, it gets proven every day that we still have a lot of great photos yet to be discovered here!