Friday, May 2, 2014

Roadside glory in Utah

If you know my wife and I you've seen that we have a fondness for tourist attractions of the unique sort. I fall for anything with a nostalgic roadside kitchy feel and she loves to take tours of interesting homes built by eccentric people.

I'm in southeastern Utah this week attending the Moab Photo Symposium and couldn't help but stopping at the Hole N" the Rock just south of Moab. Something about their subtle advertising just sucked me right off the road. Don't miss that Jeep way up on top of the rock.

I did not take the tour of the home that Albert and Gladys Christensen carved out of the side of this red rock cliff, saving it for when Lisa is along. I did however enjoy walking around the grounds and taking in the yard full of old signs and quirky sculptures.

It seems that nowadays you can't call yourself a proper roadside attraction if you don't have a version of a "Mater" tow truck on display.

What could top off a visit like this more than a huge cactus made of bowling balls?

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