Thursday, May 15, 2014

Utah's canyons, arches and the benefit of attending workshops

I had the pleasure of attending the 11th annual Moab Photo Symposium in Moab, Utah April 30-May 4 this year.

If you've never been to the southeastern corner of Utah, you are missing out on a photographer's paradise. Endless twisting and turning canyons, fantastic eroded arches, and all sorts of other interesting subject matter can be found here. Between Monument Valley, Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park miles and miles of red rock canyon country that is just spectacular.

Meeting and learning with photographers from all parts of the country is a great benefit of attending events like the Symposium and the Black Hills Photo Shootout. Dan Ballard and Colleen Miniuk-Speery stood out as especially enthusiastic instructors. I had fun shooting with them, learning new skills and re-learning things I shouldn't have forgotten over the years.

Here are a few of the images I was happy with from the trip. Leave me a message if you have questions about the specific locations or time of day, etc.


Anonymous said...

Can't see the photos. They show neither in my RSS reader nor in my tablets browser. Get gray box with message saying plug in not available.

Chad Coppess said...

Sorry about that, I removed the blogger video and instead linked a YouTube version. Hopefully that works better.

Anonymous said...

That worked. Beautiful photos. As always!