Friday, June 27, 2014

You just never know

You just never know what you may run across when visiting South Dakota's national parks. Like for instance a badger this morning in Wind Cave National Park. Although this was the best photo I was able to capture, the experience of seeing a rarely-seen critter in the wild is one I won't soon forget.

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Joshua Boldt said...

Awesome. We were in the Hills a week ago and I got up at 4:45AM so I could get down to Wind Cave around sunset and I got some shots of a coyote, then I saw another one on that road that goes north out of Wind Cave towards the entrance to Custer SP (Highway 86?). I've seen glimpses of coyotes in my day, but never good looks at them and never a pic. I got a baby Pronghorn like 30 feet in front of me too! And some really close Mountain Bluebirds.

But I've been so busy I haven't gone through the pics yet to see if any turned out.