Friday, August 29, 2014

Forecasting photos

I'm not one to be constantly checking weather patterns, atmospheric phenomenon forecasts, etc., but sometimes just a little paying attention to the weather helps in the hunt for good photos.

The forecast for this morning was heavy fog, which made sense with how humid it felt on Thursday afternoon. So I made plans to hike into the forest on LaFramboise Island in Pierre very early and hoped the sunrise would break through the fog creating magical streaks of light in the trees. Everything went well except the only streaks of light I saw were created by my headlamp shining through the mist.

Taking these two pictures was kind of a fun exercise in figuring out the length of exposure and duration of the self-timer to get me and the headlamp into the proper spot. It took several tries and these pictures aren't going to win any awards, but I enjoyed the process.

Somewhere during the half-mile hike in the deep, dark forest a large tree decided to give in to gravity and come crashing down through the brush, scaring me half to death.

As the sun came up I still didn't get the streaking sunbeams, but did find some subject matter that worked with the foggy conditions.

The night before I noticed the cloud formations looking like they were going to provide a late evening opening for the sunset to burst through. One of the more spectacular sunsets I've seen in a while developed over Capitol Lake in Pierre. This is a three-frame HDR composite.

Photographers before me have said it many times and they are right - bad weather makes good photos.

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