Saturday, August 2, 2014

Know your South Dakota wildlife

Just thought I'd feature a few animals that I see or hear people identifying incorrectly. These may not be the technical scientific names, but I went with the most common references for those of us who live around these critters.
PRONGhorn antelope

BIGhorn sheep (female and young)

BIGhorn sheep (male)

Mountain GOAT

Whitetail deer

Mule deer


Buffalo or bison



Prairie dog

Red squirrel

Ground squirrel

Bull snake (not venomous)

Prairie rattlesnake (venomous)

Garter snake (not venomous)


Joshua Boldt said...

Great list. If someone called a yellow-bellied marmot a groundhog, the two are so closely related I couldn't fault them for not seeing the difference. In Madison SD we only have fox squirrels. I wish we had red squirrels. They seem a lot more photogenic.

Tim said...

What about jackalope? Or is it jack-a-lope?

Chad Coppess said...

Well, I did leave jackalopes off the list just because they are so darn hard to spot. Here is some info though, for those curious about them -

pattyk said...

Any good spots to see marmots? Thanks. And always enjoy your pictures!

Chad Coppess said...

I don't have a guaranteed spot for marmots, but I've seen a lot on Mount Coolidge in Custer State Park and some near Horsethief Lake. Basically anywhere there are piles of rocks that they can live in are likely spots to find them in the Black Hills.