Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dakotagraph "bonus features"

Thank you to all the loyal readers here at I appreciate that you visit the blog, enjoy the photography and hopefully pick up some ideas and tips for your own photos in South Dakota.

If you've ever viewed a movie on DVD you've probably seen some "bonus features" they include on most of them. Dakotagraph also has "bonus features!"

If you are a Facebook user, check out the page at Facebook. Not only will you find every post here featured, but from time to time you will see "Facebook-only" content like recent links to a story on drone photography in Yellowstone and William Neill's Outdoor Photographer Magazine column on "just getting out there."

If you are an Instagram user, follow the Travel South Dakota page and you will see my photography regularly. Not every post there is mine, but a good majority of them are.

You will also see a lot of my photography at and the regional South Dakota tourism industry sites -,,, and

In any case, I hope you are finding the good stuff this South Dakota autumn and you may see me on the road this week. I'll be hopping around the Black Hills, shooting the Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup and leading workshops at the Black Hills Photo Shootout.

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