Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Guest blogger - Lori Kiehn

When BlackHawk photographer Lori Kiehn offered up this guest blog post about the ghost town of Ardmore I expected some good photos. These really make me want to go! Here's what Lori had to say - 

I went down to Ardmore with a small group of other photographers. The town is basically a ghost town. It looked as though there were only two homes that were currently being lived in, however I never saw a soul.  I think Ardmore was an old railroad town. The trains still run through very frequently. There is an abandoned bank, several homes, and a pump house by the water tower, which is right along the creek.

Most of the houses are open so you can go inside, however you do need to be careful. Most of the houses are not on solid foundations, the floors are weak with debris everywhere. The outsides of these homes are surrounded by tall grass which holds old fencing, wiring and just miscellaneous debris, so you need to be careful as you are roaming around. 

For me personally, I loved going into the houses and finding remains of the the life that once existed there. When I look at my photos, that is what I focused on was the items that were left behind.  One of the houses had many old cars in the yard, which is another personal favorite of mine.  I find it amazing how these "ladies" can be rusted, windows busted and the seats torn up and they still shine with beauty...to me!

Ardmore is south of Hot Springs on Highway 71, almost on the state border with Nebraska. If decide to visit, heed Lori's advice about being careful and remember that even though places like this feel completely abandoned someone does own them and you are trespassing on their property. Take only photos, leave only footprints!

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