Saturday, October 15, 2016

Your input needed!

Since 2007 I've been posting photos and information at and the accompanying Facebook page. Longtime readers will have recognized that activity, especially at the actual blog website has slowed down over the years. So now I'm asking you if interest is still there to continue.

If you will answer these questions it will help me move along in the future.

1. Do you read the blog at or just the Facebook version?

2. Are the calendar of photogenic events, list of South Dakota photography clubs, and/or list of South Dakota photographers useful to you? 

3. Do you actually find the information posted here useful, or do you just like to look at the photos?

4. Would you miss the blog at if it disappeared and posts were only on Facebook?

Thank you!


Unknown said...

Chad: Responding to your inquiry, I am one who reads your comments both in the blog and on FB, although it's primarily FB as I hit that site more often. Personally - and selfishly, I admit - I'd like both; FB for the quicker take and the blog for more in-depth as well as the other info on clubs, potential sites, etc. But, either way, what you're providing is wonderful and if you decide that the blog is no longer needed, we'll enjoy FB.

Fred Rodgers said...

Hi Chad,
I like to see the posts on Facebook and then point my browser to the blog to see more.
Thanks for what you do.

Denny Gibson said...

1. I follow the blog through RSS and frequently (but admittedly not always) go on to read the full post at the website. I rarely link through your Facebook posts.

2. I live nowhere near SD so the calendar is of little use to me.

3. Pictures.

4. Yes but I could adjust.

KJGriffin said...

I've recently moved to SoDak, and discovered your blog. I find it rather helpful to help make a connection to this new environment that is quite different from my past photographic experience. Although I do some digital photos, I still prefer analog. Along similar lines, the blog is where I look, as I don't Facebook.

To answer your questions:
1. Read the blog at
2. Calendar, clubs, etc.: I haven't had a chance to use them much yet, but would like to.
3. info is useful.
4. Would you miss the blog at if it disappeared and posts were only on Facebook? Yes.

Anonymous said...

1: Yes
2: no
3: Yes
4: Yes.